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Cupid’s Canon


In thinking about Valentine’s Day, random ideas, thoughts, memories and actions rush through my head in no particular order.  So here they are for your reading pleasure in no particular order:

  • In Ann Arbor, it has snowed every Valentine’s Day since I have lived here, making me want to stay in the house.
  • My first day with Borders was Valentine’s Day, 1995.
  • I used to care so little about Valentine’s Day that a girlfriend and I went out to eat that night forgetting it was “the” day and laughed incredibly hard that everyone at the expensive restaurant assumed we were a couple.  We had fun playing it up.
  • To all you men out there, every kiss does not begin with Kay’s
  • To all you men out there, every kiss does begin with Tiffany’s.
  • I still send my mother a Valentine every year.
  • I love the heart shaped sugar cookies you find in the bakeries this time of year.
  • I donated to my local animal shelter, as my dogs get so much love every day.
  • I love watching the Westminster Dog Show on Valentine’s Day which works perfectly as it is always snowing here in Ann Arbor.  (see photo of exotic breed of dog, the komondor)