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Talkin’ Bout My Mo-ti-va-tion


This week’s entry is short as I am still working on I Married My Mother, but I couldn’t resist writing a short piece about motivation.  As a child I told some really big whoppers.  Once when a friend’s father asked, if I was related to Senator John Connally from Texas, I immediately replied, “YES!”   Later when he called my father to talk further about our well known relative, I wished I had immediately replied, “NO!”  Especially when I was informed of Senator Connally’s party affiliation and views.  Of course my father couldn’t help but laugh over the difference in the spelling of our last names.

In second grade, I began my first book, Murder At the Sidewinder Saloon.  This unfinished and unpublished four page masterpiece was lost on one of my many relocations around the country for Borders.  In the early grades I also won a state essay contest.  One of my teachers submitted my essay and I was quite surprised when I placed first for humorous writing.  The essay was about my mother’s obsessive need to keep our house perfectly clean and neat.  I wrote, my mother even tries to keep our garbage cans spotless and asks, “What would the garbage men think?”

Recently a fellow blogger (Robert 101 books) asked the question, what motivates you to write?  I had to think long and hard for several days about this question and the memories of my early writing came flooding back.   I finally decided that what motivates me goes back to my childhood.  I have stories to tell.  I have ideas swimming around in my head and I want to put those ideas on paper to inform, help and entertain others.

So as National Novel Writing Month Approaches, I had hoped to have enough motivation and time to begin my novel this year.  However, I have purposefully decided to wait until next year.  I want to work more on my outline and think through a few more of those ideas/stories swimming around.  So I am committing myself to participate right now, on paper in front of all of you next year.  Thankfully, I don’t have many readers, so if I fail to follow through, it won’t be embarrassing. If you are a writer and have that novel swimming around, now is your time to ponder putting it all down on paper.  Check out the website at: http://www.nanowrimo.org/en.

Are you planning to participate in nanowrimo?  What motivates you to write?