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Keeping the Home Fires Burning


Let’s face it stress, health, jobs, kids, pets, lack of sleep and a host of other distractions can have a negative impact on even the most romantic, chemistry infused relationships.

Sometimes it is necessary to take time out to make sure your sex life stays a priority.  The following list is designed to keep the bedroom hot on even the coldest of nights.

Get off the Grid  

Take a holiday together without pets or kids.  Give yourself the time to remember what it was like back in the early days of dating.  Unplug from the distractions of work and the internet and go some place that you both enjoy.  There is no doubt that a change of scenery leads to better and more connectivity of the non-internet speed.  Exploring a different destination and setting gets you thinking about exploring in other areas of your relationship.  Plus a little extra sleep does wonders, speaking of which…

Get Eight Hours

Going through life sleep deprived takes it toll.  Even the young reach an  eventual burn out stage.  We try for lights out by 10 PM to ensure a well rested work week.  Being tired also leads to the likelihood of snapping at each other and getting lost in criticism directed at ones partner.  With rest comes better conversations, more physical stamina and a desire to focus on the positive.  In addition, you are just more likely to feel like using the best natural form of sleep enhancement.

Get Positive

When you find yourself feeling that everything your partner does is wrong, sit yourself down and write out at least five things they did right with the last 24 hours.  Chances are you will realize all that criticism is petty and that their good qualities are right there waiting to be noticed.

Get Complimentary Towards Each Other

Tell each other that you look pretty, handsome, sexy or whatever.  It goes a long way toward making both of you feel sexually attractive to the other.  Men enjoy a compliment just as much as women.  If you are waiting around for that compliment, try turning the tables and pay the compliment first.  It will come back to you.

Get Over the Shame

Shaming your partner over their sexual desires and interests is a one way ticket to bed death.  Even if you don’t share the same inclinations, be open to listening and finding a way to pleasure.  Biting your partners head off when they try to express an interest leads to lack of communication and more and more distance from each other.

Get a Sense of Humor

Taking ourselves too seriously in the sexual arena is a waste of time and effort.  If you and your partner share a love of ribald humor then cultivate it.

Get a Goal

We set goals at work, about our budgets and in school.  There is nothing wrong with setting a goal about how often you both want to have sex.  It will get you talking and clue you in to your partners’ needs.

Get Exercise

Cleaning out the arteries through walking, swimming, running or a workout keeps the blood flowing and the endorphins firing.  Plus it keeps you feeling good and sexy about yourself and each other.

What tips have worked for you?  Please add to my list.  

In case you were wondering where I have been, the short answer is working or stressed about working, or having IVIG at home.  However, all that stress is ending July 2 as I become a real housewife.  So look for more from me, unless I am caught up in working on my book.  Let the games begin!

Holiday Harangues


I have never received an annual Hanukkah letter from any of my Jewish friends. If I had it would have probably gone something like this:

Dear Friends,

Once again this year we disagreed about everything including what to put in this letter. So, we decided to forget it and just write, Happy Hanukkah.

The number of annual holiday update letters is certainly on the decrease as we receive fewer each year.  Most of us have moved over to social media sites such as Facebook as the primary way to update others on family news.  The virtual image of the family has replaced for the most part the Christmas letter image of the family.

The letters I do still receive contain the following elements:

  • a straight couple
  • at least two children, by all accounts perfect
  • if applicable, perfect grandchildren
  • vacation summaries, usually involving at least one trip to an Orlando based theme park
  • announcements of professional successes and/or academic accolades
  • a family dog – not strapped to the roof of the car for those Mitt Romney fans out there

So why should the letters bother me?  Why can’t I  just smile and be happy for our friends or distant acquaintances?  Maybe I read too much John Cheever?  Maybe I am just too cynical?

I can’t help but wonder if the happy facade isn’t just that, a facade, and that underneath lurks a dysfunctional family dying to break free.  Could the actual story contain the following elements instead?

  • husband & wife have boring sex maybe once or twice a month, if lucky
  • husband is having an affair either with a guy at the gym or a colleague at work
  • wife is having an affair either with a woman at the gym or a colleague at work
  • kids are in therapy
  • daughter has an eating disorder
  • son smokes pot
  • kids feel distanced from father and know the marriage is in bad shape
  • father laid off and home about to be foreclosed
  • mom has a shopping addiction and is running up the credit cards

Okay, I could go on and on.  So what if some element of the above is true about your own life and you receive the annual happy letter from the Wackos?  Will it be the one item at the holidays to throw you into a deep depression?  I guess that is my true worry, that receiving a letter filled with so much happiness and perfection might make someone else feel bad about their own not-so-perfect life.  Maybe a lay off has devastated your family this past year, and you are just trying to make it; do you really need to receive letters glorifying the perfect lives of others?

I spent many years as a single woman at the holidays.  Some of my single holidays were wonderful and some were rather bleak.  When I lived in Maryland, I spent several holidays with a Borders colleague and her mother.  All three of us were divorced and good cooks.  We would enjoy a good meal, share some turkey with the dogs and spend the afternoon drinking wine and playing cards.  Another holiday in Michigan was spent with a woman and her husband.  She was a wonderful cook, however he did not compliment her very often about it or much of anything.  I brought one appetizer which he proceeded to rave about and then began flirting with me in front of her.  I made a hasty exit before her looks turned me and my dog into literal minced meat pie.

My favorite story of the single Christmas was shared by a good friend whose single sister, I’ll call her Sally, spent the day with a colleague from work and her family.  A family member attending the gathering was developmentally delayed and kept forgetting having been introduced to Sally.  Every 30 minutes or so the family member would loudly ask again, “Who are you and why are YOU here?”  UGH!  That really just sums up how we have all felt at one time or another surviving another round of holidays as the “single”  person.

My first Christmas with my husband was wonderful.  We did not yet have to experience the awkwardness of the blended family Christmas and we enjoyed a lovely meal and romantic evening.  It was just the two of us.  We did not have any crazy family or friends to manage and we enjoyed every minute of it.  This year we will go to the movies with his children on Christmas Day and then enjoy some good food.  Hopefully, as the years go by the awkwardness will lessen as we adjust to this new life of getting along together.

So to all those who still write the Christmas letter, I beg of you move on over to Facebook with the rest of us narcissists or better yet, start writing your own blog.   Happy Holidays!

Do you still send cards or letters at the holidays?  Do you have any advice to help me cope with the phenomenon of the Christmas letter?