I hope you will enjoy reading the not so surreal ruminations from a former single career woman.  Please do not take me seriously as most of my posts will be written with the hope of making you smile either at me, yourself or someone you know.  I tend to poke fun at myself quite frequently.  I am married to an incredible man (that statement is completely serious and true to the best of my knowledge) who is a pediatrician.  Thanks to his hard work and love of medicine, I get to work 24 hours a week and write in my off hours.  I am open to your feedback and hope to hear from you.  Thanks for reading!

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  1. Kind of in your boat — working 25 hours a week and writing, when I’m not running my boys around town. I feel incredibly blessed also and have made more of an effort lately to thank my husband for making it possible for me to do what I love. Enjoying your blog and plan on following…

  2. hi —

    i hope i did not scare you off when i made my blog private last week. this very creepy man started following me and making weird comments, so i went private for a few hours and he went away. sadly, so did you. i hope i did not offend. i was honored that you started following my blog and “liked” one of my posts. i set the blog back to public, so please feel free to read it if you feel so inclined.
    in a strange coincidence, i used to work for borders… a bunch of my friends were in ann arbor this weekend for a memorial service and one of them was in a very serious car accident. she’s at the u of mich. hospital now… i just thought it was an interesting coincidence that you’re in ann arbor as well.
    i have read some of your blog posts and i quite enjoy them. keep writing. good luck.


  3. Hi Em-

    I did not click on unfollow, so I wonder how it happened? i will click on your blog and follow again. Glad the creepy man went away. I had of course heard about the accident and memorial. I hope everyone is doing okay. Keep posting and I look forward to more reviews and recipes. All the best!

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