Beautiful Bodies

Beautiful Bodies

My hubby and I have just returned from a romantic getaway to South Beach.  We have both been through our share of stress recently.  Our stress has mainly been caused by his amount of work and job pressure for which I am extremely empathetic, and my surgical recovery complicated by a battle with a nasty bacterial infection.  We are lucky in that we are financially able to take a break and get away to relax, rest and rejuvenate our core selves.

Okay readers, here is your warning this blog is very shallow.  I have mentioned in a previous post that my hubby and I are obsessed with staying, young looking, stylish, fit and as good looking as possible.  Let me just add the caveat that we do contribute and volunteer for causes and charities.  At our wedding, instead of soliciting gifts we encouraged our guests to make charitable donations to select organizations.  We are both grateful that our hard work and education have paid us back with a comfortable lifestyle that we enjoy.

So prior to our trip to South Beach, I let my hubby know that the beaches for the most part are top optional, and that both the men and women are typically as “hot” as the weather.  I informed him that I would be fine if he looked at the beautiful, topless and scantily clothed women.  His eyes lit up and he told me I could do the same.  So we did.  We enjoyed looking and pointing out to each other gorgeous bodies of both sexes.  Let’s just say we had a “great” time together on this vacation.




I mentioned our plan to two different friends.  One was rather shocked and not at all comfortable with the idea.  To paraphrase, she would not be comfortable having her partner look at topless women on a beach.  I wondered why.  Hubby is obviously  married to me and I trust him.  Another friend was excited for us and hoped she and her husband could do the same one day.




So how about you?  Would you let your partner look?  Would your partner be comfortable letting you look?

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