The End


My journey to the Real Housewife role was a long and arduous one.  It began what seems like years ago, but more about the beginning another time.  Today, I want to focus on the end.  My most recent career gal ending that is.

I knew the day it was over, actually the very split second.  Just as many times we know when a relationship is over or beginning.  I was at my desk in my office on the second floor at Borders Group Incorporated. Borders Group Incorporated had undergone name changes over the years including:  BINC, BGI and Borders Home Office.  Similarly, I had once been known as Mary then Mary Kay and now Kay.   But a much bigger change was about to happen.  Suddenly I was unable to see much of anything.  Due to my Myasthenia Gravis (go ahead and Google it now), I had experienced double vision on and off over the years.  However this was different.  This time all images were so doubled vertically that my visual field was totally obscured.  I had to be driven home.

An unsuccessful attempt to return to work followed, but even after an extensive course of IVIG (Google again) and plasmapheresis (last time to Google in this post) I still was not back to where I had been previously.

So what precipitated this sudden decline?  My physicians and I do not know.  But I have surmised that perhaps it was a very demanding job as Health & Welfare Manager with fewer available resources, a very demanding supervisor, my own type A need to be perfect and the stress of imminent layoffs that had people crying in my office at all times of the day and sometimes late into the evening.  Stress is not a good thing for us Myasthenics.

So as my friend, Barbara advised it was time to re-invent Kay.  So I set about doing just that.  The road to my life as a Real Housewife had begun.

Are you bored, yet?  If yes, then hopefully the road will be more interesting than the end.  If not, keep following, I promise to take you on an interesting journey.


About a2realhousewife

I have no special talents. I am only passionately curious. ~Albert Einstein--- I write about marriage, health, career, fashion, aging, volunteering, gender issues, dogs, travel and my life that encompasses all of those topics.

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